Shane's Loyalty Program

What is the Loyalty Program?

At Shane's Rib Shack, we love our customers! In order to help you save money while still enjoying your favorite Shane's Rib Shack barbecue, ribs and desserts, we created our Shack Rewards Loyalty Program. Simply follow the instructions below and we'll send you text messages straight to your mobile phone with exclusive offers and savings.

As a member of the Shane's Rib Shack Shack Rewards, you also get to take advantage of our special in-store program too! Enter your mobile phone number on our Loyalty Program tablet, located by the registers at your favorite Shane's Rib Shack location, and after every 10th visit to a single location, you'll be rewarded with a FREE sandwich of your choice. 


Here's How to Sign Up!

Step 1

The first step in signing up for the Shane's Rib Shack loyalty program is to go to the "Locations" page on our website. Here you will find a listing, by state, of every Shane's Rib Shack location or you can use our locations search to find your closest Shane's Rib Shack location. Ready to get started? Simply click on the picture below and we'll take you to our locations page!

Step 2

Locate your favorite or your closest Shane's Rib Shack location. You can do this by either utilizing our Shane's Rib Shack locations search box (pictured left) or by scrolling down the page and locating your desired state and selecting your desired Shane's Rib Shack location (pictured right).

Step 3

Once you have selected the location nearest you, enter your mobile phone number in the red box on the right-hand side of the individual Shane's Rib Shack location page and press "submit." 

Step 4

You will then receive a welcome text message to "opt-in" to our program, just simply reply to the text message with "yes" - that's it, you're done! Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy as Shane's Rib Shack sends you exclusive offers straight to your mobile phone through text messages. We're glad to have you as a valued member of the Shane's Rib Shack Loyalty Program!

Are You Hungry Now?

Now that you're a member of the exclusive Shane's Rib Shack Shack Rewards Program, it's time to start using those rewards! Use the button to the right to view our menu, then just stop by or call your order in to your favorite Shane's Rib Shack location and chow down.