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FUN-draising with Shane's!


Shane’s is more than just a great spot for an afterschool snack! We also offer fundraising opportunities and Spirit Nights for local schools, athletic programs, churches, and nonprofit organizations. When partnering with Shane’s for your Spirit Night, a percentage of sales are donated back to the school or organization. At Shane's, we are proud and committed to supporting our local communities through events such as this. 
To learn more about partnering with Shane's Rib Shack, please contact your local Shack.  Click here to find a Shack near you. 


Highlights from recent Spirit Night Events

Pictured above, Perry High School Lady Panthers Softball Team at their Spirit Night at our Perry Shack.


Pictured above, Gulf Breeze High School Percussion Ensemble playing the drums at their Spirit Night at our Gulf Breeze Shack.


Pictured above, Locust Grove High School Men’s Baseball Team and members from the nonprofit organization, Caring for a Cause, at their Spirit Night at our Locust Grove Shack.


Pictured above, Mrs. Overmyer's 3rd Grade Class from State Bridge Crossing Elementary School after their Spirit Night at our Alpharetta Shack.


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