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Need Help Raising Money? Let Shane's Come to Your Rescue!

Shane's Rib Shack was built on a foundation centered towards loving people.  Through our delicious, fresh food, outstanding customer service, and clean, welcoming atmosphere, we strive to serve people in as many ways as we can.  And the love doesn't just stop when you leave a Shane's Rib Shack!  We continue to serve outside of our store walls into the community where our Shane's resides!  We welcome opportunities to parter with local schools, churches, and other organizations to help make a positive impact in the community.

If you are a part of an organization that needs help raising money for an event, trip etc., please contact the Shane's Rib Shack nearest you to see how we can help!  Check out the link below to see how our Snellville, GA Shane's helped make an impact in their community!

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